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I’m a graduate student in astrophysics at the University of Missouri-Kansas City with a love of sports, especially cricket. I am a right hand middle order batsman/right arm rubbish bowler. In addition to cricket, I also watch and blog about baseball, tennis, football and rugby (union).

Currently living in the United States, I have a sleep schedule that varies from ‘erratic’ to ‘non-existent’. Luckily having experience with astronomy, this isn’t anything new.

I am certain that tea is the drink of the gods.

I can be found on twitter and I am a contributor to The Armchair Selector.

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  1. Roy Smith says:

    How does someone who enjoys the subtle skills and psychology of cricket and the exuberance of football get to like rounders? sorry baseball.
    I know Woody Allen once said Baseball doesn’t mean anything, it’s just beautiful but compared to cricket it’s actually pretty plain.
    Enjoyed your comments and added your site to my favourites.
    Hope you have underestimated Warwickshire’s chances though I don’t think you have somehow.

    • Bandon Decker says:

      Thanks! A big reason why I like baseball is that I grew up with it. It is the preferred sport of my family and consequently I’ve watched it all my life. It’s not nearly as subtle and interesting as cricket (the best analogy I ever heard was that cricket is to baseball as chess is to draughts), but it isn’t as far off as most people think. Like cricket, it is a game that heavily values intelligence and small mental lapses can be very costly. Since it’s also fairly slow paced, most people who aren’t familiar with it judge it as ‘boring’, in the same way as they do with cricket. Baseball also has the advantage of sometimes having the occasional ‘breakaway’ plays that have that same rush of excitement/dread (depending which side one is supporting) that one gets when a footballer or rugby player suddenly gets through the line and has a run on goal. Cricket doesn’t really have anything like that. If I had to chose between the two I’d chose cricket, but they both have unique appeals and I very much enjoy them both.

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